Village Rules

These rules have been developed by management to ensure that you, your family, guests and visitors know what is expected in the maintenance of a peaceful, comfortable and enjoyable environment for all who share the facilities at Watermark Residences.

1                Definitions

In the following rules:

common areas means any part of the village other than residential dwellings;

dwelling means the premises at the village described as your premises in the lease;

land means the land described as the registered folio identifier Lot 12 in DP1280577 and any subsequent stratum lot/s that relate to the same area;

lease means the village contract entered into by you in relation to your dwelling at the village;

village means all of the land, building and improvements comprising Watermark Residences, located on the land, including all of the dwellings and common areas;

we, our and us mean the operator of the village, and includes employees, agentsor representatives of the operator and includes the services company;

you and your apply to any resident of the village.

2                Visitors and guests

  • We encourage residents to keep links with relatives, friends and other people from outside the village. Visitors or short-stay guests are welcome any time and can stay up to 4 weeks provided you advise management of their stay. A visitor or short stay guest is somebody who visits during the day or stays overnight for up to 4
  • You must obtain our consent if you want to have a guest live with you. A guest is somebody, other than a spouse or de facto, who intends to live with you for more than one We will not unreasonably refuse such a request.
  • You must take all reasonable steps to ensure that your visitors (including tradespeople) and guests comply with the village rules. Any visitor or guest who seriously or repeatedly breaks the rules may be asked to leave the village
  • You must take all reasonable steps to ensure that your visitors (including tradespeople) comply with our reasonable directions and any NSW Health guidelines regarding COVID-19, including a requirement that all tradespeople be fully vaccinated, present proof of vaccination status and record their details of vaccination with us. We will hold any information received in relation to any health information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles made under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the NSW Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (NSW).
  • Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult in all areas of the village. If your visitors, guests or children break or damage any property, you are liable for any replacement or repair costs.
  • The use of wheeled children’s toys (including skateboards, scooters, bikes etc) is
  • If your visitors or guests intend to stay with you for longer than an overnight period, they are not permitted to park in the designated visitor parking spots during their stay without our prior written consent.

3                Noise

  • As with any other residential complex, a level of noise within the village is to be expected. However, you must not make any noise likely to unreasonably interfere with the quiet enjoyment of others within the village. This rule applies whether you are inside your dwelling or in common areas.
  • When listening to music or a radio, or playing computer games, or watching television, you should not have the volume turned high enough to be heard from outside your dwelling. Residents with hearing problems are encouraged to use headphones or other aids.

4                Parking

  • As parking spaces are limited within the village, you may park a vehicle only in your allocated parking space or other parking area allocated specifically to you or to all residents. You must not park or stand a vehicle on any other part of the village.
  • This rule does not prevent you from stopping to allow passengers to get out of or enter your vehicle.
  • However, under no circumstances may a vehicle be parked or driven on grassed areas.
  • In the interests of safety, drivers must obey speed limits and other traffic signs at all times.
  • Visitor parking spots are available for use only by visitors, tradespeople, visiting doctors, emergency vehicles or other people just visiting the village and may only be used for a 24-hour period in any one occurrence.
  • In this rule, vehicle means a car, caravan, trailer, boat or other motor vehicle.

5                Pets

  • If you already have a much loved pet, or wish to own one, they are generally welcome at the village with the prior consent of management and subject to the following guidelines.
  • You may keep fish or a small caged bird (for example, a canary) in your dwelling at any time, without the need to let us know or get our consent.
  • If you want to keep a cat or a dog as a pet you must obtain our prior consent. We will consider each case on its merits, and we will not unreasonably refuse such a request. Known dangerous breeds of dogs will not be allowed. Pets cannot be replaced without our prior consent and the number of pets will be restricted.
  • If we permit you to keep a cat, it must be kept inside your dwelling at all times and wear a bell on a collar at all times. If we permit you to keep a dog, it must be easily controlled and on a leash at all times when on common areas, except in off-leash areas, and at times, as designated by us from time to time.
  • Pets are not allowed in any building (other than their owner’s dwelling) or any enclosed common areas in the village, unless they are a Guide Dog or an approved ‘Pets for Therapy’ animal entering the village.
  • Cats and dogs kept as pets within the village must be de-sexed, vaccinated and registered with local council.
  • If we permit you to keep a cat or dog, we may withdraw our permission if your pet creates unreasonable noise or nuisance, attacks or threatens people or other animals within the village, causes damage to village property, or if the rules set out above are broken.
  • For the safety of other residents, no other animals are to be kept as pets or brought onto common areas at any time, with the exception of Guide Dogs or ‘Pets for Therapy’ animals.
  • You must promptly dispose of any pet excreta in your own rubbish bin or basement waste area.

6                Gardening and landscaping

  • The state of the grounds is important to the overall appearance of the village for residents and visitors. It is our responsibility to maintain all the lawns and gardens on common areas in a presentable condition.
  • The village is designed to recycle water for garden irrigation and if you want to assist in the watering or weeding of the area immediately adjacent to your dwelling, you are welcome to do so.
  • You must not prune or remove plants, take cuttings or pick flowers from the common area gardens without our consent.
  • You must not use any part of common areas as your own garden without our consent. If we give consent, it is your responsibility to keep the area in a presentable condition, until you tell us you are no longer able or willing to garden.
  • If your dwelling includes a planter box on your balcony, the garden staff are available to maintain this for you, provided you facilitate access through your apartment. Pots on your balcony are your responsibility; and must be maintained in an acceptable condition. Care should be taken when buying new plants for your balconies. You must not knowingly plant any trees, flowers, shrubs or vines that grow rapidly or commonly cause allergic reactions. Trees, shrubs or vines with the potential to grow in excess of 1 metre in height must not be planted without our consent.
  • Pot plants, statues, furniture, stepping stones and ornaments must not be placed on lawn areas.

7                Garbage disposal

  • For health and safety reasons, you must ensure that your garbage is securely wrapped and tins or other containers completely drained before placing it in a bin in the waste areas provided in each basement.
  • You must not litter or leave rubbish on the village property, other than in the bins provided.
  • You must ensure that any garbage which is recyclable is separate and prepared in accordance with the relevant recycling guidelines.
  • Under no circumstances is the burning of garden waste permitted within the village.

8                Common area restrictions

  • The common areas are provided for the use and enjoyment of all residents. Signs posted on common areas, about such matters as hours of use, form part of these rules and must be obeyed.
  • You must not obstruct or permit the obstruction of walkways, entrances, stairways, corridors, fire escapes, lights, windows or other parts of the common areas. Obstructions may include, but are not limited to pot plants, hoses, brooms, rakes and other items, which may present a hazard if left in common areas.
  • When on common areas, you, your visitors and guests, must be adequately clothed and must not use language or behave in a manner likely to cause offence or embarrassment to another person.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any building or on any balconies or any other common areas, except for smoking areas that we may designate from time to time.
  • It is our job to maintain and clean the common areas. However, this does not prevent you from sweeping or vacuuming the pathway or corridor immediately outside your dwelling.

9                Mobility Devices

  • You must obtain our prior consent if you wish to use a mobility device in the village and provide a copy of a current insurance policy and a certificate from a medical practitioner confirming the need to use the mobility device.
  • Our consent for you to use a mobility device is at our sole discretion and we may request regular assessments to ensure you are capable of safely operating the mobility device and we may withdraw our approval at any time.
  • Any mobility device must be parked in a space allocated by us.
  • You must not exceed 5km/hour in the village and abide by pedestrian rules under the Australian road rules.
  • If travelling at night or in poor visibility areas, the mobility device must use lights and reflectors to aid visibility and detection.

10             Moving goods

  • You must obtain our approval to move any goods or furniture through the village by providing us with at least three working days’ notice.
  • We may nominate particular times, directions and locations for loading and unloading goods and furniture.
  • If you or your contractor damages any part of the village while moving any goods or furniture, you must advise us and compensate us for that damage.

11             External appearance of residential dwellings and the village

  • We respect your right to privacy and autonomy over your possessions and domestic affairs.
  • However, you must not hang any washing, towels, bedding, clothing or other articles on any patio or other part of your dwelling in such a way as to be visible from the outside. Such items may be hung on your own small portable clothes lines in your private outdoor spaces but only for a reasonable period. If you want to install a retractable clothes line to the exterior of your dwelling, you must request our consent and adhere to any reasonable conditions we may impose.
  • In the interests of safety, you must not place any object, such as a pot plant, on any ledge, sill or elevated surface on the exterior of your residential dwelling in a position from which it may fall.
  • The use of mains supply gas or electric only barbeques on balconies and in private areas is permitted, but any gas bottle operated barbeques are prohibited. Barbeques must be kept clean and free of grease deposits and build-ups at all times and must not generate excessive smoke or create a fire hazard. If the use of barbeques on balconies and in private areas result in excessive smoke such that the fire alarms are triggered and the fire brigade is required to attend the Village, the residents responsible for triggering the alarm will be responsible for any fire brigade call out fees.

12             Village Security

  • It is our job to ensure that the village generally is reasonably secure.
  • In particular, we are required to provide and maintain locks or other security devices to ensure your dwelling are reasonably secure.
  • Chains and bolts must not be fitted to external doors of your dwelling because they could prevent emergency help.
  • If you change the locks on doors for any reason, these must be master-keyed by arrangement with management and a copy of a key is to be retained by management in a secure place. Management will only use the key in an emergency.
  • You must not interfere with the self-closing mechanisms of exterior doors that are designed to maintain security and fire prevention.
  • To help prevent theft, you must ensure that all windows, doors and other openings to your dwelling are closed and securely fastened when your dwelling is not occupied.
  • Residents who witness anything of security concern such as unauthorised persons moving around the village, must report this to the operator as soon as is practicable.

13             General

  • You or your guests are not to permit any person of unsound mind (unless you have obtained written approval from us to the contrary) or who is intoxicated to remain within your dwelling.
  • You are strongly encouraged not to abuse any drug or alcohol.
  • You are solely responsible for any loss or damage to your personal valuables, money or personal effects.
  • You are not to operate or permit the operation of any radio transmitter, two-way radio, shortwave radio, telecommunications device or electronic equipment so as to interfere with any domestic appliance or apparatus lawfully in use on common property or any other dwelling.
  • You are to ensure that water closets, conveniences and other waste water apparatus including wastewater pipes and drains in your dwellings or on common property are not used for any purpose other than that for which they were constructed and that no sweepings or other unsuitable substances are deposited therein. The cost of any repairs arising from your failure to comply with this obligation will be borne by you.
  • You are not to bring in, do or keep anything in your dwelling which is likely to increase the level of fire risk, or rate of fire insurance for your dwelling.
  • In the interests of fire safety you also agree:
    • not to smoke in the bedroom areas of your dwelling;
    • to ensure that all heating apparatus are turned off when vacating your dwelling or retiring for the night;
    • not to use any heating apparatus which, in our opinion, constitutes a fire hazard (examples include: oil or kerosene flame heaters, heaters with an open flame or any electronic heaters other than those fitted with auto-cut-off switch in the event of being overturned).
  • Whilst solar panels provide constant power to all our residential apartments, we ask residents practice responsible use of power. When residents are not occupying their home, please be conscious of not leaving power on unnecessarily.

14             Meetings of residents

  • Management may convene a Residents’ Forum and or a meeting of the Residents’ Committee of the village at any time. Generally, these meetings will be convened on a quarterly basis and opportunity will be provided for residents to express any concerns and/or ask questions in relation to living at the village.

15             Residents privacy and independence

  • We respect each resident’s privacy, dignity and independence at the village.

16             Use of community facilities

  • The Village Manager will have total authority in respect to the booking and use of ALL community facilities.
  • Private functions must be booked in advance and approved by the Village Manager. A booking fee and cost associated with cleaning will apply. Charges will be updated and distributed annually.
  • All community facilities (internal and external) must be used by residents in accordance with the prescribed rules of booking and use, as stated by the Village Manager.
  • All equipment and lights are to be turned off on exit of all facilities.
  • All resident facilities need to be left in a clean and tidy state. It is the resident’s responsibility for this to occur.
  • Residents are to ensure all doors to resident facilities are closed on completion of usage.

17             Club Facilities

  • Residents are encouraged to use the club facilities. All associated club facilities are subject to their independent rules and hours of operation.



Date: 1st July 2022       Version: 1