What Is A Retirement Village?

Retirement villages are becoming an extremely popular place to live. They are designed for people over 55 to live independently but also be a part of a community. Retirement Villages are usually communities made up of private villas or apartments and communal facilities. There can be anywhere from 20 to a few hundred residents in the village.

Retirees’ can start to become more isolated as they begin to age, this can have many negative mental and physical effects. Retirement Villages allow residents to be social with others and participate in activities they enjoy.  It is also a great way for residents to live active lifestyles, with many villages having gym and fitness amenities on site. Watermark Residences at Newgreens Chatswood has taken a holistic approach to residents’ health, with personalised programs designed to optimize strength and fitness, maintain brain health and nurture overall wellbeing.

Why should you live in a retirement village?

 1) Be part of a community 

One of the main benefits of Retirement Villages is being a part of a community. Having regular connection with others is so important for mental health and wellbeing. Living in a community of like-minded people at a similar stage of life creates a peaceful, friendly environment, and with so many opportunities to socialise with others in the village, friendships and connections form quickly. Village staff often arrange social activities and events that suit all interests – there is always something for each person to enjoy.

Watermark Residences at Newgreens Chatswood have an abundance of facilities to encourage residents to socialise, such as the resident lounge, cinema, hydrotherapy pool, gym, restaurant, bar and cafe as well as a putting green.

2) Communal Facilities 

Most retirement villages have great community facilities for residents to enjoy without having to leave the premises. Watermark Residences will have world-class community facilities for its residents, from a Hydrotherapy pool and gym, wellness spaces to a luxury restaurant.

Watermark Residences at Newgreens Chatswood will also have golf practise facilities for residents to enjoy as well as being surrounded by a new and redesigned golf course.

3) Maintenance Free Living

One of the many benefits of moving into a retirement village is reducing the amount of household and garden maintenance you are required to do. These chores can start to take a toll on your health as you become older. Residents will be able to spend more time doing activities they enjoy instead of household maintenance.

It can also be reassuring to know that at Watermark Residences your maintenance will be handled for you, even if you decide to leave for an extended period of time. Many residents who enjoy travelling say they feel completely at ease knowing they won’t have to return home to a long list of chores in their home and garden. They can relax during their vacation knowing that their property is in a safe and secure community development.

5) Planning for your future 

Many retirement villages provide onsite care services for residents who need it. This can allow residents to remain independent for much longer than they would living outside of villages. Watermark Residences has partnered with Vitalis, one of NSWs’ leading health and home care providers. They will be creating services to support residents so they can feel safe and supported in their homes.

If you are interested in luxury retirement living contact Watermark Residences today.

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